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Book 1 of the Trilogy:

The Revolt of 2020
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When the president is among the thousands of leaders killed in a tragic explosion at the Reproductive Rights Convention, the government intensifies a campaign to silence opponents of its godless agenda. Good men like David Jameson are in the cross-hairs. Their intolerance is grounds for prosecution. Federal hate-crime laws become the tools to muzzle parents, pastors, sheriffs, and state leaders.

In response to devastating terrorist attacks, the federal government begins to disarm Americans and drastically raise taxes. This provokes many states like Texas to resist. Secessionist fervor rises all over the country. The liberal university professor Mitch Paine leads thousands of anarchists and college students to riot and wreak havoc on the infrastructure of the “religious totalitarians.” Resistance escalates to the brink of war when Texas State Guard forces square off with federal troops in downtown Austin. Will Americans preserve liberty for their posterity, or is tyranny inevitable?

Awe-inspiring courage, terrifying tragedy, tender romance, and violent conflict carry the reader through an ageless clash of worldviews, where the superiority of the principles of liberty and Christian prevail over a plethora of vicious opponents.

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Book 2 of the Trilogy:

The American Tyranny of 2020

Click to purchaseTyranny is never so vicious as when it is so justified.

Resistance to President Brighton’s executive orders spreads like wildfire across rural American. The hunt for David Jameson, the prime suspect in the bombing that killed the former president and thousands of pro-choice leaders, leads federal agents to the Texas statehouse. Violence against federal agents and abortionists rises. Many states refuse to allow their citizens to be disarmed by the federal government. Ten states unite to form the Coalition of Free Christian States and threaten secession.

The red carpet is rolled out for the president to violently silence the opponents of her socialist agenda and to finally disarm the entire nation.

David’s wife, Darlene, is captured. As the only link to the most wanted man in the country, all methods of interrogation are at the government’s disposal to break her.

Will Americans have the courage to prefer a dangerous liberty to a comfortable tyranny? The American Tyranny of 2020 presents an ageless clash of worldviews, where the principles of liberty and Christianity prevail over a gauntlet of relentless opponents.

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Book 3 of the Trilogy:

The Uncivil War of 2020

Click to purchaseThe riveting conclusion to The Revolt of 2020 and The American tyranny of 2020.

Under the leadership of God-fearing men like David Jameson and Gov. Ben Boswell, 10 states have peacefully seceded from the United States. The Coalition of Free Christian States wants to restore free-speech, re-criminalize abortion and physician-assisted suicide, protect marriage, be free of the unbearable chains of federal debt, and resist the federal government’s attempt to disarm the people. Coalition leadership hopes a nuclear weapon will earn them a seat at the table of nations, but Pres. Margaret Brighton exploits a critical weakness to launch a massive invasion of the Coalition

With thousands of young anarchists and Marxists under his authority Prof. Mitch Paine wreaks havoc on the infrastructure of the weakest coalition states. But when Elijah Slate, wielding the Bible as his rulebook, is Handed the helm of the state’s criminal justice system, the conflict gets personal.

In an attempt to unite with his wife and children in enemy territory, David Jameson discovers that their greatest test of faith is yet to come. His wife Darlene is forced to place her “Isaac” on the altar. The dream of liberty begins to fade as it’s price tag approaches unbearable. But in the hottest fires of testing, God loves to show Himself strong on behalf of underdogs with pure hearts.

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